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Friday Night Dinner Catering – January 21, 2022

$215 plus hst / 4 people This Week’s Set Menu This menu cannot be changed, only omissions. hearty winter ribollita soup  (with beans, chard, cabbage and veggies) texas style pulled brisket served with (everything  is house-made) challah dinner rolls pickled sumac onions chipotle honey mustard horseradish aioli (dairy-free) kimchi coleslaw extra crispy smashed potatoes broccoli, and Brussels sprout salad with “creamy” dressing (non-dairy)   Weekly optional add-ons Please specify which add-ons (if any) you would like. maple mustard  glazed salmon fillets - 2 fillets (6-ounce each fillet) - $24 oven fried chicken - bone in - whole chicken on the…