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Friday Night Dinner Catering – April 29, 2022

$220 plus hst / 4 people This menu cannot be changed, only omissions. epic house challah Israeli house salad with napa, kale, lemon vinaigrette and beet tahini (goat’s cheese optional) sumac chicken with preserved lemons, onions and garlic (bone-in - 10 pieces) basmati rice pilaf with vermicelli, currants, pine nuts and crispy onions french green beans with cherry tomatoes and cured olives   Weekly optional add-ons Please specify which add-ons (if any) you would like. classic sweet and sour cabbage soup with flunken - $25/serves 3 arctic char fish-awarma - $36/serves 3 sweet and sour meatballs (beef) - $24/454 grams…