Let’s Stuff it and Toss a Salad


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Flavours from the Shuk – a Taste of Israel!

Let’s Stuff it and Toss a Salad | Virtual Cooking Class

The Hebrew word “memulaim” literally means “the stuffed ones”.  In this class we will explore traditional home cooking in Israel.  Stuffing vegetables is part of every Israeli table.  It is comforting, healthy and can be planned and made ahead. 

This series is inspired by all the delicious tastes, flavours and cultures that collide in the outdoor markets in Israel.  We’ll be making distinctive food that draws on the cooking traditions from Morocco, Turkey, Persia, Tunisia, Georgia and more!  Let’s cook virtually together and explore all that Middle Eastern cuisine has to offer!



Turkish stuffed vegetables with meat and rice in a rich pomegranate sauce

winter hearty salad with bulgur and blood orange dressing

Grocery and Prep


Virtual Cooking Class Recording:

After purchasing a class, you’ll receive a download link with a .zip containing the recipes, grocery list and video recording.