University and Young Adult Cooking – Skillet Dinners – Part 1


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Join in for an incredible opportunity to learn the basics of cooking, food safety, kitchen essentials and recipes. This is a four-part series (it is recommended to take all 4 classes but not mandatory). If you are unable to take one or more of the classes, you will have access to the recipes and class recording.

You will Kill-it with your Skill-et in this class! It is recommended that you own a Cast Iron Skillet, you will have it for life! You will learn how to cook, care and maintain your cast iron skillet. You will also learn how to pan roast, saute, smoke points, heat control, knife skills, food safety, understanding different pots and pans, and cooking tips and tricks.

At the end, you will be Kill-ing it with your Skillet!



Maple Soy Salmon or Chicken

One Pot Pasta (vegetarian)


Virtual Cooking Class Recording:

After purchasing a class, you’ll receive a download link with a .zip containing the recipes, grocery list and video recording.