NO.1, MARCH 2019

This is the first of a monthly review that I will do.  I will look at books I am reading old and new.  Sit back, pull up a book and relax…

I am often asked if I have a favourite cookbook. I do, but it changes all the time.  I’d rather call it “Cookbook de Jour”.  It depends on my cooking mood, which foods I’m eating a lot of or none of, which classes I’m working on and from where I need inspiration.

The books here have been on my desk for a few months and I’ve given them each a really good go-around, save for The Ghost Keeper…I just started that.

📚Let’s start with the Ghost Keeper because I am in no position to give it a proper review yet.  I am reading it because I am registered for a Book and Wine Club at Terroni on April 22, which of course involves food and wine, friends.  I don’t normally do book clubs (although I would like to), but this kind of one is right up my alley!  So far it is a great book about life in Austria before and after the second world war, love and survival.

📚Three Times a Day by Marilou Champagne and Alexandre Champagne, originally written in French and the writers of blog Trois Fois Par Jour.  Marilou talks about her battle with Anorexia and her recovery and her relationship with food.  A beautifully written book with simple and classic French and modern everyday recipes. Reminds me of growing up in Montreal.

📚The Beauty Chef by Carla Oats. This book is all about how beauty starts in the gut and from what we eat. The book digs deep into the functionality of foods, science and the body.  The recipes are beautiful.  Many of them delicious and some not so much.  I love a beautiful book with gorgeous photography, and this is all that.

📚A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones.  I love all three of her books. She is a journalist, cook and stylist from Britan.  This is a vegetarian book with simple, healthy and nourishing recipes.  I love the breakfast section, even though I still eat the same thing for breakfast every day…one can dream, right?

📚Kintsugi Wellness by Candice Kumai.  A book about the Japanese art of nourishing the mind, body and spirit.  Kumai writes beautiful stories of her Japanese family, culture and traditions. For me this book was not about the recipes, it was all about the narrative, wellness behaviours and traditions.  I found it fascinating from a holistic perspective.  I have not made any of the recipes and likely won’t but loved every bit of this book.

📚Bottom of the Pot by Naz Deravian.  I love this food. Period. This book is about Persian food, culture and stories.  The food feels like home to me.  Although very different, I grew up in my best friend, Sharon’s kitchen.  She is Iraqui and this book reminded me of her and her family.  Persian food although uniquely its own has similarities to Middle Eastern food and Pakistani food. It relies heavily on spices and herbs.  I love the stories in this book and the recipes.  Some of the recipes call for difficult to get ingredients and many of them.  Still worth having if you are a cookbook junkie like me!

📚Modern Lunch⁣ by Alison Day, a local Torontonian, whoot whoot!  This is a new book for me but I’m really loving it.  For me, it is one of those books that reminds me to put together all the foods I already make, kind of like revamping your wardrobe and coming out with some great new outfits.  This book is a couple of hundred pages of new outfits from old clothes, and I say “old” with the utmost respect.  Day really captures the beauty of making food for yourself and the ones you love.  Lunch is often overlooked yet it is so important for brain nourishing.  Meal prepping is a big part of my cooking, it is a great way to keep you eating healthy and on track, this book is all about using your meal prep efficiently and deliciously.  Thank you for reminding me to slow down!

📚At Home in the Whole Foods Kitchen⁣ by Amy Chaplin.  My favourite part of this book is the Pantry Staples section.  I’m not vegetarian, although I love a good book that features beautifully put together grains, veggies, fruits and superfoods.  This book is full of artistic, sophisticated and easy to follow recipes.

Hope you all enjoyed this little book review, please leave me a comment and I’ll see you next month!